October 26 2016

Today would have been Ian Jackson’s birthday. It’s been 21 years since our lives were devastated with his loss. It was a catastrophic event that changed the course of my life and I often wonder if my life, our lives, would be different and the answer is, definitely in a million different ways.  So today starts with nothing to do with cancer. And there you have it. It’s been four and a half years since my diagnosis and normality reigns. OK so I wake up to the pills, I put on my prosthesis, I am never allowed to forget, but it isn’t the first thing I think of, it isn’t the biggest part of my life, it isn’t what rules the day.  You might think I’m lucky, I no longer have cancer (do you have cancer, get cancer, suffer from, live with, battle?) anyway I do and currently the thought is I always will. Secondary cancer is incurable. It’s in my bones, extensive bony metastases, too extensive to list actually where it is. Probably easier to say where it isn’t!  So, at some point I’ll detail the story of how I got here, but not today. I will also talk about what’s coming up , the future and what I’m hoping for. But I’m part way through the journey so that’s where this blog also is. And today is about Jacko, it is his birthday and it’s him we celebrate, we miss and think of. Happy birthday xxx